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Caffè 79 are official distributors of Fiorenzato grinders and offer full service and support, including training, replacement parts, and calibration. Fiorenzato, founded in 1936 by Pietro Fiorenzato, has  a wide range of grinders for every requirement, from manual to grind-on-demand, and prides itself on manufacturing durable, reliable and stylish coffee grinders, balancing quality with innovation. In recent years the company has worked hard to introduce technology-driven models to its range, including touch-screens and the patented inverter system which ensures consistency of the grind and reduction in motor consumption.

Grinders can be purchased outright, paid in instalments (subject to status) and included as part of a lease agreement with our finance partners Tower Leasing.



At Caffè 79 we strive to help our customers serve a consistently great cup of coffee, from bean to machine.  We have developed an exclusive service for all Caffè 79 customers where we replace their grinder blades free of charge every 300kg or 18 months, whichever comes first. Just another way we support our customers.

  • Fiorenzato F64 On-Demand Grinder

    The Fiorenzato F64 Grinder is the grinder to meet all your coffee needs. Quality metal blades forged to last, an LCD screen with touch buttons for easy adjustment, and a solid metal frame all come together to create this fantastic package. An on-demand grinder ensures you only grind what you need, keeping your coffee as fresh as possible.

  • Fiorenzato F5 Professional Grinder

    The timer variant of the F64. Whilst it may not have all the bells and whistles of the F64, the F5 grinds coffee with the same quality blades as used in the Fiorenzato F64. A simple timer function ensures that you can keep your chamber topped off, allowing you quality coffee with every pull of the dispenser.

What our customers say

Coffee Shop Owner

We’ve been using Segafredo coffee in our shop since 2010, and customers immediately said they preferred Segafredo to the previous brand. The service & support we get from Caffe 79 is top class, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great coffee and coffee supplier.

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