• Foodservice Coffee

    We only stock high quality and premium coffee blends, to ensure a consistently good coffee. If you want to serve great coffee, you've found the perfect brands - complete with brand support.

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  • Retail Coffee

    With a wide range of retail coffees in ground form, beans & ESE pods, why not add Segafredo and Kimbo to your retail lines so customers can enjoy their favourite coffee brand at home.

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  • Filter Coffee

    From hotels to restaurants and golf clubs, we supply 2 blends of high quality filter coffee - Segafredo Caffè Rosso and Kimbo Vesuvius. We also have options on machine sale & leasing.

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Kimbo coffee and Segafredo coffee distributors

Caffè 79 welcomes you to view our wide selection of retail and foodservice blends of Segafredo and Kimbo coffee – specially selected for their quality and flavours, and we are able to provide the best price and service unmatched by any distributor in the country. Why not get in contact to arrange a tasting?

Coffee blends for foodservice, retail and offices

As a full-service coffee supplier, we stock and distribute a wide range of coffee blends for foodservice & hospitality, offices, and retail. Whilst we primarily service customers in London and the South-East of England, our delivery network and partnered couriers allow us to service any customer in mainland Britain.

Why Segafredo and Kimbo coffee

We are specialists in providing two of Italy’s largest coffee brands – Segafredo Zanetti and Caffè Kimbo. Each brand has its own range of unique blends, tastes and notes – which gives us the confidence that we will have a blend to suit any preference, be it your customers’ or your own.

Why have we selected two blends rather than simply focusing on one? Well, we wanted to ensure that all fans of coffee were covered and that we would have a blend of beans whatever the palette. Segafredo Zanetti were the first coffee brand that we worked with, and our original Segafredo UK customers are still using these blends today. Kimbo has been a more recent addition to the UK market, and we were proud to be one of the earliest suppliers of Kimbo coffee. What has been incredible, aside from the amazing taste, is how quickly Kimbo has become one of the prominent blends in the country – with the public falling in love with its strong, fruity aromas and creamy chocolate after taste. Perfect for espresso, latte, and cappuccino alike.

Want to learn any more

Our service is unmatched by many, if not all, coffee distributors; offering many services including next working day delivery, coffee machine sales and leasing, barista training. If you are interested in trying Segafredo or Kimbo coffee then you should contact us to arrange a tasting and find your perfect blend.

What our customers say

Coffee Shop Owner

We’ve been using Segafredo coffee in our shop since 2010, and customers immediately said they preferred Segafredo to the previous brand. The service & support we get from Caffe 79 is top class, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great coffee and coffee supplier.

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