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Kimbo Prestige Coffee Beans – a flagship Kimbo blend

Kimbo Prestige Coffee Beans From Naples comes another blend of Kimbo's finest coffee beans - Prestige. A high composition of Arabica beans provides incredible aromatic flavours like similar coffees

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Kimbo Extra Cream Coffee Beans – Our first, and still favourite, Kimbo blend!

Kimbo Extra Cream coffee beans - a true taste of Napoli in every cup! Our partnership with Kimbo UK has spanned many years now, and we have been huge fans of the coffees throughout. However, no

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Now supplying Rancilio Coffee Machines!

From today we are proud to supply Rancilio coffee machines to our UK customers Alongside the range of quality and beautiful Sanremo coffee machines we are now stocking the full range of Rancilio

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The Caffe 79 app is now available to download

We're excited to announce that our new app is live and available to download free on iOS and Android. Working in collaboration with our marketing agency - Calashock - we've developed this app

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Kimbo Espresso Antica Tradizione Ground Coffee

A 50 year tradition of passion and quality. A story that began in a small shop in Naples, the Espresso capital of the world. Kimbo today is a leader in the Italian market and a true symbol of great

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Coffee Shop Owner

We’ve been using Segafredo coffee in our shop since 2010, and customers immediately said they preferred Segafredo to the previous brand. The service & support we get from Caffe 79 is top class, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great coffee and coffee supplier.

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